Mar 102011

10th March 1986

There is a really nice girl in my year but I haven’t really noticed her. I noticed her this afternoon though, she looked really lush in her swimming costume during swimming. I wonder if she likes me because I really fancy her. I’m going to do an extra load of exercise now ‘cos I’ve got a bit of flab on my tummy and I don’t think she’ll like it. Only one problem, I don’t know her name!!!!!

OK people, it’s time to crank up the cringe!

This is the point at which I turn into a gooey-eyed gibbering idiot. No change there you might think apart from the gooey eyes but even that can be arranged with a dose of conjuctiveitus.

I suppose it is quite sweet I imagined that not knowing this girl’s name would be the only problem I would have. Oh ye of little brain Matthew. Let the hilarities commence…

Something a bit random now. Here’s the late Peter Cushing being interviewed on Wogan by Sir Terrance of Wogan which was broadcast today at 7pm on the beeb. I don’t remember watching it, my mind was obviously elsewhere… Run VT Errol.

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