Feb 282011

28th February 1986

Olly didn’t go to school today, he went to my gran’s with James Fox. The reason why he isn’t going is that Olly did have school today but only on the afternoon which was games so he didn’t bother going. We had another assembly about Mr Pickup. Mr Avery told us of his life, from his school days ’til the end. Today is the last day for me cleaning the surgery (Olly starts on Monday and continues for a month).

Still no recollection of this mysterious James Fox character. Either he made no impression on me at all or he is a dark wizard that has wiped all memory of himself from my mind with a special magic squeegee mop. If he did erase my memory then he must be an expert because I don’t remember him doing it.

My flippancy surrounding Mr Pickup seems to have gone. I must be losing my touch.

Other news occurring today that obviously escaped my attention is that Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated on his way home from the cinema. It should ring a bell to anyone who has recently read any of Steig Larsson’s fantastic Millenium Trilogy/Girl With The Dragon Tattoo novels as he does refer to it.

Here’s the ITN news report on the assassination. It starts at 2:20 but there are a few retro ads & some trailers beforehand which are worth a giggle, especially Kenny Everett. I can’t believe I used to love watching “Crazy Like A Fox“. Shame the picture quality is so bad.

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