Feb 272011

27th February 1986

Bought 11 “Wispa” bars today with some special tokens from Cadbury’s after swimming. I went in “Boots” and took 11 “Wispa’s” from the shelf. I plonked them on the counter and took out the tokens. The woman gave me a bag and a receipt, which said £1.98 on it (I got £1.98 worth of “Wispa”! Wow!) On the bus on the way home I took out a “Wispa” and ate it in Paul’s face (He was with me!) After that he took out a “Crunchie” and did the same!

I remember getting these Wispa tokens from Cadbury’s. They had this promotion on whereby if you sent in 25 empty Wispa wrappers they would send back a 5 tokens each worth 1 Wispa bar. I had this amazing ability to spot the wrappers lying in the street & in the verges and I used to collect them. Pretty skanky really, but I would rather call it resourceful. The shiney purple & red branding against green verges or grey pavements – easy to spot. Similar to bees zoning in on flowers in a sea of grass. I may have given this a bit too much thought.

I must have amassed at least 75 wrappers hence 11 tokens (I probably had 15 and used 4 already). £1.98 divided by 11 equals 18 pence per Wispa. Blummy that is cheap. Not a lot you can do with 18p these days. Ooh, I remember when all this was fields…

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