Feb 262011

26th February 1986

Simon Thompson brought in “The Best of Mayfair” today. He gave it to me and I quickly put it in my bag. He said “It’s yours now so don’t blame me if you get caught!!” As we had our extra lesson today (Yuk!) I went straight round to Dad’s surgery. I was dead scared that he might say “What homework have you got?” and look in my bag! That didn’t happen so when I got home I had a quick look then gave it to Olly!

The things I did for my little baby brother. Porn smuggler.

I presume I knew which bus stop to get off at by now to get to Dad’s surgery and didn’t get another tour of the city like I did on 12th Feb. I don’t recall Dad ever checking my bag for homework before, but one always thinks the worst with a guilty conscience. If he had found the illicit publication I’m sure I could have explained it away as part of a Latin translation project or something. For example “En pectus magnum formosa”.

Here’s the weather forecast for today. Still a bit nippy. After my “quick look” of Olly’s contraband I could have probably done with a cold shower! 😉

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