Feb 242011

24th February 1986

Mr Pickup (One of our school teachers) has died of stomach cancer. We had a special assembly in which Mr Avery (our head) kept yapping on about how nice he was. Nigel isn’t really bothered about his death because he gave him a det for eating a “Chewit!” on the coach. Simon Thompson has got a “Best of Mayfair” which Olly is buying for £1.50 (He is only buying it because Sam Fox is in it!!)

Oh the flippancy of youth! When the news of the death of another human being and the tribute to follow is nothing more than a mild irritation to what would have no doubt been an otherwise riveting school assembly.

I think Olly will be disappointed when he realises Sam Fox only gets her top bits out, even in Mayfair! He seems to be building up quite a collection himself. We should have amassed our collected works and gone into business together, although the next logical step would have been people trafficking and that’s not really my bag.

I don’t recall this much myself but here’s the advert that must have inspired Nigel into getting on the wrong side of Mr Pickup. It may have been that Mr Pickup gave Nigel a detention in a misguided attempt to protect him from the inherent dangers of Chewits as it is a well known fact that eating them actually causes stomach cancer.

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  1. Chewits cause stomach cancer! That’s one of the funniest things I’m likely to hear all day!

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