Feb 232011

23rd February 1986

When me and Paul got up we went downstairs and watched “The Ghoul” which I taped last night (It was a load of Bull faeces!) After Crusaders I went round to Paul’s and stayed for tea. They have had their house painted white inside.

I am unsure whether “The Ghoul” (I spelled it “Goul” – moron) was the 1933 Boris Karloff version or the 1975 Peter Cushing effort. Either way it appears to have inspired me into being more technical with my description of bovine stool.

Paul must have obviously forgiven me yesterday’s insult otherwise he no doubt would have not¬†invited me round for tea to see his family’s freshly decorated dwelling.

Here’s the trailer to Boris’s 1933 version of “The Ghoul”. Doesn’t look that bad actually.

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  1. Anything with Karloff in,is worth watching!

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