Feb 222011

22nd February 1986

Matt came round today to tell me that Rugby was off (Hooray!!) He also a member of my library! Poofter Paul is staying the night. He is also a member of my library and has taken out 3 books already!

What is it with this frackin’ library? And I seem so chuffed with it too! I even managed to slip in a further escalated insulting jibe to Paul. Sorry again Paul, I can only assume that you were with me at the time of writing while you were staying over. I obviously knew full well you would read it, get wound up and much hilarity would then ensue. I truly must have been the bestest friend in the world.

I’ll tell you what Paul, if you still have the 3 books I’ll let you off the late return fees! 😉

Apparently this episode of the “Golden Girls” was aired today. Probably in the US rather than the UK but hey, who’s counting? Not really my cup of tea to be honest. If I wanted to spend Saturday nights watching badly dressed would-be trannies on the pull I would go back to DJing at fetish clubs in South London.

They must all be dead by now surely?

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