Feb 212011

21st February 1986

Olly has got a friend round to stay the night called James Fox. He and Olly are crazy over Samantha Fox
… so are the rest of the boys in Olly’s class. All the girls in Olly’s glass like Fox too…Michael J. Fox. Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s really boring in our class because there isn’t a single girl in it. Paul class hasn’t got any girls either, but that’s OK for him because he likes boys. All the other classes have got girls. Boo Hoo!!

Blimey – Fox overload! I’ve no recollection at all of Olly’s friend James Fox. Maybe he was just a figment of Olly’s imagination. Or a figment of my imagination. Maybe I’m a figment of my imagination. Maybe I’m a figment of your imagination?!?

Even though she did get her norks out for the nation’s school boys, surprisingly¬†I was never really into Samantha Fox. Nor was I into Michael J. Fox either, thank you. Teenwolf – abysmal.

More apologies – yet again – to Paul, this time for suggesting he likes boys. Not true, of course, me just being a tit once again. It just seems a bit of a laugh at that age doesn’t it? These days, the mature responsible adult that I am would never say anything so crass. I wouldn’t say anything to any of my gay male friends either like “You like girls you do, you big hetro!”

For all you Samantha Fox fans here’s a reminder of the epic Brits ’89 debacle broadcast live from the Royal Albert Hall. Skip straight to 4:40 to see where the car crash really starts.

Oh and just so you know, Welsh warbler Charlotte Church was born today. So, Happy 25th Birthday Charlotte. The world would be a much quieter place without you.

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