Feb 192011

19th February 1986

I did a load more on my library today! I have done 60 books and have got another 34 books to go. Olly is a member and has taken a book out called “Jennings follows a clue“. I might not buy the “Mayfair” in Smiths because it might not be the same woman who let me buy the first one. Tomorrow I am buying a music book called “100 Easy Classics
” costing £6.95 (Mum is putting a 5er towards it!)

You have to admire my dedication, putting all that effort into something that was ultimately a waste of time. What was I hoping to achieve by it? Trying to improve Stoke Bishop’s literacy rate? 94 books isn’t a library – it’s a frakin’ bookcase. My time would have been much better spent scratching my arse.

Olly could have just asked to borrow the book and I would have said, of course you can dear brother, for a small fee. Or he could have just nicked it and then punched me when I confronted him. Anything but the futility of my actions!

By the way, when I wrote “Olly is a member” I wasn’t suggesting that he was a cock.

So I bottled out on buying any more “Mayfairs”. I should have just subscribed to it via mail order. It would have certainly made my library more interesting a no doubt increased membership.

It’s amazing to see that in 1986 “100 Easy Classics” was only £6.95 and 25 years later is has only gone up by a few quid. So not much of a return for your investment if you bought shares in the company back then.

If only my library had attracted this type of clientele. Blonde and stupid. Perfect. 😉

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