Feb 172011

17th February 1986

Matt has let me keep his “Club”! But I am not keeping it… I am selling it to Olly for £1. (Even though it was £1.20) I am keeping the “Mayfair” and will buy the other one in the shop quite soon, before next month’s comes out! Patrick has gone back home now (It is much quieter as well). Did an extra load of Piano practice because it is my lesson tomorrow and I’ve hardly done any!!

So now I’m a porn dealer eh? Move over Paul Raymond there’s a new entrepreneurial purveyor of filth around! Selling a contraband magazine to my 11 year old brother and totally oblivious to any potential legal ramifications. Such innocent times.

It has since been brought to my attention (thanks again Dad) that the French chap staying with us, Patrick, wasn’t called Patrick at all. My Dad had actually been calling him Dennis all weekend. Easy mistake to make as Patrick & Dennis do sound very similar and are of course strong traditional French names. Hmmm.

FLASHBACK! At breakfast, before he was due to leave, I wondered why “Dennis” didn’t respond when I tried to talk to him. I finally managed to get his attention and he pointed at the tiger on the box of Frosties and then to himself. It turned out he wasn’t called “Patrick” or even “Dennis” but rather “Tony”. Who da thunk it?

It wouldn’t have surprised me if Tony had actually turned out to be German…

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