Feb 102011

10th February 1986

We’re getting a “Golden Retriever!” My Gran came round at 10.20 and we set off for Gloucester
(That’s where the dog owner lives). We went inside and saw a Golden Retriever with 9 puppies. I picked one up while it was in mid stream and my hands were covered in it!! We eventually chose a bitch and my Mum paid the money (£140!) We will be collecting her at Easter when she is a bit older!

I wonder if my Gran remembered the chocolate she forgot to bring me last time (see 10th January 1986).

Hooray! Cute golden retriever puppies. If you do decide to pick one up, my advice now would be to wait until you are sure it has stopped pissing. Not really the introduction to the world of golden showers I was after. In case you were wondering it’s the dog we’ll be collecting at Easter and not my mother. She came home with me and Gran.

Now, anybody who views this clip and doesn’t at some point go “Ah! How shweeet” evidently has no soul, is beyond redemption and dead behind the eyes. I’ve no idea who the children are or why they’re outside enjoying the fresh air but clearly they should be indoors locked in a cupboard.

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