Feb 052011

5th February 1986

Simon Thompson (The kid I sit next to) got really angry with me today. We first started pushing each other around (in our Maths lesson which was our last) when I picked up a felt tip pen and got him a nice one across the cheek. After he chased me all the way to the bus stop, I got on and went to my dad’s surgery. When I got off the bus I found a “Sun” which had a girl called “Elke” on page 3!!!

A bit of a chase, catching a bus, then finishing up with a Page 3 girl. All sounds a bit Benny Hill to me, but it is always polite to put a name to a pair of tits.

I think Simon is the first friend mentioned in this diary that I still keep in contact with. I’m assuming that the cheek I marked with the felt tip pen was on his face and not his arse.

This is how far things can get if you mess around with marker pens in class…

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