Feb 042011

4th February 1986

I’ve got 2 massive spots on my thighs, one on each leg! They are at least 5mm across. Had my piano lesson today and after that I did my job and after that I went home. Matt came round this evening and we watched “V” which Olly taped last night! (Forgot to say that we had biology today and he didn’t give back our projects!!)

I’m sorry people, that’s just gross. You don’t need to know the location and¬†actual dimensions of the weeping pustules my adolescent body is generating, even though it does appear that these ones were particularly note worthy.

So I did my “job” after my piano lesson. Tee hee. No jokes about piano stools please.

“V” was a fantastically daft sci-fi TV series about humanoid lizards invading earth. I just loved it. You know it might just happen. That’s if they’re not already here living among us…

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