Feb 032011

3rd February 1986

The lump on my head is a lot smaller than it was! Even though it still hurts. We had a chemistry test today and even though I didn’t revise I think I did quite well. I am doing Olly’s  job for this month (we take it in turns each month) I am saving up for the French trip which I am going on at Easter. Some of the money will go to a dog we might be buying!!

So I’m now doing Olly’s “job” for this month – it does sound like I’m doing a poo on his behalf. Probably some kind of karma punishment for the lump on my head. The money I earn will go towards a dog we might be buying rather than to a dog like a sort of canine trust fund or summink.

Good to see I was confident about the chemistry test, another one of my “least worst” subjects. I seem to remember, however, that I was particularly rubbish at French so in theory a school trip to France at Easter would be the ideal opportunity to practice some verb conjugation with a willing participant preferably wearing the traditional dress of someone in the service industry.

I may well have been better at French had my lessons been more like this…

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