Jan 142011

14th January 1986

Went back to school today but it wasn’t that bad I suppose. There are 2 new boys in our class. They are both called Charles. I bet they feel right “Charlies” Ha! Ha! Ha! Used the school library for a biology topic. I haven’t used it since the 1st year. My music lesson wasn’t that bad either. I am playing “Yesterday
” by the Beatles. Went round to Matt’s and we started reading one of his “Clubs”. Just when it was getting exciting my Dad came round to take me home! Just my luck!

“Yesterday” by the Beatles – how apt – “All my troubles seemed so far away…”

There was really no need for me to visit the school library as all the literature I required was at home and at my friend Matt’s house. Just in case you’re wondering, my Dad interupted nothing more than my chance to view Linzi Drew’s undercarriage from a slightly different angle and not the end game of an endurance event sponsored by McVitie’s.

One of the “Charlies” was wildlife photographer Charlie Hamilton James. It must have been quite daunting for him to start at a new school midway through the year but that obviously didn’t bother me as I was only interested in winning the “worst pun of the year” award. I have memories also of giving him a playful yet deliberate knee to the bollocks during break one time. It wasn’t malicious, just me being a tit. He has since fathered 3 boys so I’m glad to see my contact with his plums didn’t cause any lasting damage. He has also produced some fantastic BBC television programmes featuring otters & kingfishers with his company Halcyon Media Ltd.

The least I can do is plug the Halcyon River Diaries DVD. Go on, buy a copy. Here’s a clip.

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  1. Once again this is great Matt. An attempt at humour plus, is that club as in “like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit” or something else! Thanks for putting that song in my head, it’s in my top 5 songs of all times!

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