Jan 112011

11th January 1986

Ben & Olly have already built the fire while me & Paul just sat on the bed waiting for time to go by! 5.30pm: Went over to Ben’s to start the fire. Me, Olly and Ben had sausages but Paul had beef burgers instead! Parts of the fire weren’t going very well so Olly poured a bottle of Meths
over it!!!!!!!

Back in the days when 2 boys could quite happily sit on a bed “waiting for time to go by” without anyone batting an eyelid. We were probably having an in-depth discussion on after-dinner jokes & Traction Engines.

I presume we all survived unscathed from the incident with the Meths. So selfish of Olly to pour a whole bottle over the fire. What were we supposed to drink?

Gotta love the sausage, but burgers are great too. Check this one out. Medium rare please!

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