Jan 102011

10th January 1986

In the morning I watched “
Blackadder II” which I taped on the video last night! My gran came round today, and she said that brought some chocolate with her! I was really chuffed but then she said she’d forgotten them!! Went round to Pervey Paul’s today. His mum took us to town and I helped him choose his birthday present. (His birthday is on the 13th!). (Unlucky!) His mum eventually bought him a “Ghetto Blaster“. Paul is staying the night at my house!!!!!

I don’t know why called Paul “Pervey” (more apologies) because it seems to be a serious case of pot/kettle. After all I was the one with the jazz mags and genie MILF fetish (see 6th January). His birthday “Ghetto Blaster” was actually just a radio/cassette player, similar to what a lot of us had back then. I’m not sure Stoke Bishop can be classified as a ghetto per se.

How disappointing to be told by my gran that she had some chocolate for me only for those confectionary dreams to be dashed moments later. It really is a cruel world. If that happened today I’m sure I would be perfectly within my rights to sue her for causing unnecessary stress and infringing my civil liberties. Highly unlikely though as she is now a tree in Westonbirt Arboretum and has been since she died in 1991.

Here’s a classic scene from an episode of “Blackadder II”

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  1. Hmmm… a bit too much excitement that Pervey Paul is staying at your house!

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