Jan 092011

9th January 1986

After breakfast I turned on the telly and saw an “ITN” news flash! The man said that Michael Heseltine has resigned, (best news I’ve heard all morning!!) 1.00pm: Ben rang me up again today to come round. We wern’t allowed to have another fire so we had one at my house instead. (By the way we’re having another campfire and sausages at Ben’s on Saturday!) 8.oopm: Matt came round with some Porno Mags, a “Club” and a “Razzle“!! He gets them off his friends who find them. Matt is letting be borrow the “Club” but he is taking the “Razzle” home!

So I managed to acquire even more gentleman’s reading material. I dread to think where Matt’s friends used to “find” them. Probably in the bushes on Durdham Down or in the woods somewhere. The acquisition of inspiration took a great deal of time and effort back then and the quality wasn’t always guaranteed. Kids have got it so easy these days with this interweb thingy.

I did seem to love lighting fires – in a controlled “getting rid of garden waste” kind of way rather than arson I’ll have you know. And I’m looking forward to Saturday again already. Sausages, sausages, sausages. 🙂

Here’s a clip from when Michael Heseltine resigned. I know it’s not particularly interesting but it’s topical OK? If you wanted a clip from Club or Razzle then you can blummin’ well find them yourself. It’s not difficult – just type “funbags” into Google and see what comes up. 😉

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  1. Best news you’ve had all morning? Ha ha … what kind of Teenager were you? Whilst I was still squashing cheese & pickle sandwiches in Sarah May’s text books, you were excited over Heseltine’s resignation! This is gold Matty! Sausages!

  2. Politics and porn in the same entry – you missed your calling as a News of the World journo!

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