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6th January 1986

At 2.00pm I am going to see “Aladin” at the pantomime with some of my Mum’s friends. One person has dropped out so Matt is coming instead! 5.30pm: The “Panto” was Brill, especially the genie of the lamp, she was the Best! Every time she came on she said “‘Ello me luvers!” in a real Bristolian accent. Olly is late for his job, he is supposed to be there at 5.00pm. Mum said that I had to help for 20p, so I did. 8.00pm: Watched “Lord of the rings” on the video. That was Brill too but the bloke who directed it didn’t make a “Part 2”! Have got a Piano lesson tomorrow and I wasn’t expecting it for 2 weeks!!!

So it appears that my idea of great day out was to to hang around with a load of my Mum’s mates and watch some amateur dramatics! You figure that one out. Ah Sigmund, thank you for seeing me again, I’ll just pop myself on the couch shall I?

I do recall the genie of the lamp being a bit of a fox actually. Dressed in a gold sparkly leotard with a broad Brizzle accent she seemed to me like the dirty house-wife type. All the qualities that make a perfect genie me thinks.

I can’t believe I helped my brother with the cleaning for a measly 20p. I should have pushed for 25p at least.

The “Lord of the Rings” was the 1978 animated version and the “video” was the then soon to be obsolete “Betamax” that lost out to “VHS” in the videotape format war.

I eventually got up to Grade 3 in piano.

For those who don’t know what a Bristolian accent sounds like, this will give you an insight.

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  1. This is great Matt (oh, no it’s not). I still love that animated version of Lord of the Rings! Learnt something new about you today though, Piano? Do you do requests”Roll out the Barrel” or “Knees up Mother Brown? Oh, & I’ll give ya 25p to clean my shop murtle…

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