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2nd January 1986

10.45am – 11.15am: Read “Mayfair” I bought on New Year’s Eve. (Just think! Yea, I bought a Porno Mag from Smiths! I don’t know how I did it!) 11.15am: Read my “Fighting Fantasy” Book and got killed. 12.15pm: Decided to get up and go down stair for breakfast! 1.00pm: Ben (one of Olly’s friends) rang up to invite us to see “Santa Claus“. 4.40pm: Saw the film above Waitrose, it was quite good. When we got home (to Ben’s house). Olly had to do his job (He cleans Dad’s surgery every Mon-Fri for £6.00). Olly wanted Ben to stay the night, so, to save time we all did it. When we got home (Our house) we watched “Rocky II“. Ben practiced his boxing skills on me!

Hmm, OK, where do I start? Well I must say that in my eyes purchasing a copy of Mayfair (a bargain at £1.20) was quite an achievement for a 13 year old boy, especially as I used some WH Smiths vouchers I received from an uncle & aunt for Christmas. They would be so pleased to know their generosity went towards me learning to read with one hand. It does say “Read” in the entry so I must assume that I was referring to the fantastic article on Traction Engines on page 50, or the hilarious selection of after-dinner jokes on page 88. I wonder if “Elizabeth” from North London is still interested in fine art or whether “Susie” from Worcester still works at a DIY warehouse? Either way if their original ages are to be believed they would be in their mid-forties by now so although I’m sure they are just as lovely, they’re probably not as pert.

I loved those “Fighting Fantasy” books – thank you Steve Jackson & Ian Livingston. I think my favourite must be “Deathtrap Dungeon“.

Just so you know Olly is my younger brother who would have been 11 at the time. His friend Ben would have been about the same. My Dad used to be an orthodontist and ran a surgery (I spelt it “sergery” in the diary) in Redland which is where Olly went to “do his job”. Reading that makes it sound like he needed a poo!

I said that the movie “Santa Claus” was quite good although I really should have said it was shit. Yeah, definitely shit.

Rocky II – marvellous.

The front cover of the actual Mayfair magazine.  Ah! Porn nostalgia!

Mayfair Magazine - £1.20 - Vol 21. No.1

Mayfair Magazine - £1.20 - Vol 21. No.1

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  1. This is by far the best thing I’ve ever read. I assume Ollys friend Ben is Ben sexstone. I saw him the other day

  2. Splendid – actual splendidness!! Well done Matt – good stuff me old mate!
    I can confirm that I am THE Ben Sexstone – was then – and am still now! Been one hell of an innings.
    When Charlie said that he ‘saw me the other day’, he meant that he was ‘picturing’ me in my speedos wading up the river, during his 87th hour of waiting for a bullfinch to suck a kingfisher off for the purpose of film-making. (Love you Charlie!)
    I do remember some great times ‘back in the day’ ; Kingsmill, fancy dress party for Olly’s birthday – of which I dressed up as Wurzel Gummidge – or was that you?? Whatever – I won, and claimed my prize of a Capri-Sun or summink.
    Will also never forget the full-size photo of your mom in thigh-length boots pinned to the wall of the walk-in wardrobe – Dharma?? Oooh ace! Ha!
    Also remember John’s meticulous mowing of the lawn, where me and Olly once watched him complete the task, only to march with purpose from the perennial border to ‘pluck’ one single blade of grass that was standing erect, having escaped the plight of the single-rotary-bladed Flymo F180 in sports-action orange.
    Also remember you ripping up your remainding Marlboro’s and chucking them in the bin – much to mine and Olly’s disgust, as we were dyin for a fag back then, at the age of 11.
    Anyway, sound, ace, fab wicked. Lush.
    Maybe see you around sometime soon.
    Lots of 11-14 year old boy-love. xxxxx
    Ben Sexstone, Aged 36 and fwee kortas.

    • Hi Ben
      I salute your graphic recollections!
      Trust you to remember the photo of my Mum in the boots! I believe it was for a charity fundraising calendar – a bit like “Calendar Girls”. I had completely forgotten about it until you remembered it for me just then. I’m not really sure a Thank You is appropriate! 😉
      Let’s say Hi over FB or summink. My brain is frazzled at the mo after a heavy beer festival weekend and I’m struggling with words. Innit.

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