Jan 012011

Matt's Secret 1986 Diary - Front Cover

1st January 1986

My New Year ‘s Resolutions are:
1. I will write in my diary every day,
2. I will wash before I put deodorant on,
3. I will wash,
4. I will never touch another Fag again.
Got up at 11:15am ‘cos of the party last night. 3/4 of an hour until the New Year’s day party. By the time I got dressed it was 11:30am, so I decided to help mum with the
prawn vol-au-vents. The first few people arrived at about 1:00pm but the party should have started at 12:00pm. At the end I hoovered up and then watched Clash of the Titans *
* (Even though I’ve seen it about 5 times!!)

So there you have it. This day 25 years ago. Ok so it’s a bit shit – but I’m sure it will get better.

It does appear that I may have had some personal hygiene issuses back then. I’m also pretty sure the NYE resolution number 4 relates to cigarettes and not homosexicles.

And the Clash of the Titans does, of course, relate to the classic 1981 Ray Harryhausen version.

Other probably more important stuff that happened today –¬†Spain & Portugal are 11th & 12th to join European Economic Community. Actually that’s really quite dull.

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